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Our Aussiedoodles are not only smart, sweet, and special, Our Aussiedoodles are gentle, calm, loving, loyal, and great with kids and other animals! We currently raise toy Aussiedoodles, mini Aussiedoodles, and standard Aussiedoodles. We specialize in the hard to find merles. Our Aussiedoodles have the most amazing temperaments and they adjust well in their new homes.  All of our Aussiedoodle parents are genetically health tested 


Our Goldendoodles are to die for!  We have mini, medium and standard Goldendoodles.  These are a popular breed and rightfully so because Goldendoodles were one of the first breeds of designer dogs. They are smart, friendly and healthy. If you have a household with kids and other pets, Goldendoodles can make a great addition to your family.  They bond with people and animals easily and can give you many years of love and affection.


We have the most AMAZING Poodles! Several of our Poodles come from Champion Bloodlines. All of our adult Poodles are genetically health tested. Our Poodle puppies and Poodle adults are extremely smart, very loyal, fast learning and have impeccable temperaments.  We have Merle, Parti, Phantom, Solid, and Abstract Poodles That come in Standard, Moyen and Mini Sizes.  Definitely something for everyone!

White Poodle Puppy Forever Country Puppies

Projected Adult Weight:

Males 12-18lbs  Females: 8-14lbs

mini goldendoodles

Projected Adult Weight

15lbs-30lbs Moyen Klein poodles


Projected Adult Size 21-24" Tall

and 50-65 lbs



The Pooghan is like no other breed. They have the sophistication and poise of the Afghan Hound and the loving intelligent spunk of the Poodle. Their coats are silk-like and their temperament is to die for. They are very laid-back and go-with-the-flow - and they love children! Pooghans learn extremely fast and are a perfect first pet. If I had to give a recommendation on a breed that I thought would be an amazing service or companion dog this would without a doubt me my breed of choice! Their levels of sophistication, intelligence,and poise will charm the pants off of you!

About us

It takes a Village ...

... and you must LOVE dogs! If you are looking for a well-socialized healthy addition to your family, LOOK NO FURTHER! You are in the right place! We are a multi household family unit that each specialize in their favorite top of the line breeds that are unique in color, size and/or the  breed itself. We LOVE them ALL!!! All of our adult dogs are health-tested and our puppies are thoroughly checked by a licensed vet before they come home to you. This gives us the assurance that you are taking home a happy, healthy, new addition to your family. We take great PRIDE in giving YOU the BEST of US to provide love, joy, companionship, and much more for years to come.

White Labradoodle Puppy
Goldendoodle Puppy
Pomapoo Puppy

Buyer Information

Our Location

We are located near Greensboro, NC Just minutes away from Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC and are within a 4 hour drive of South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia etc. We provide meets and transports to all of these locations and more. We also have transportation for our BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES all over the country.  We offer several options that are affordable and make it possible for you to bring home a new family member anywhere in the continental US and Canada. In addition to offering our customers a delivery or meet up to two hours away from us for FREE,we have amazing reliable ground transport, flight nanny services, and we work closely with United Airlines to provide a safe pet shipping experience.  Please feel free to call  CALL US or Email US Today! We love to talk about our puppies and families and answer ANY and ALL questions you may have.  

Aprict Pomapoo
Red Poodle

What comes with my Puppy?

We back our puppies with a 2 year Health Guarantee. Expandable to 3 years (ask us how)! Our puppies are started on Life's Abundance Dog Food and NuVet Supplements to keep them happy and healthy for years to come. ALL of our puppies are given an examination by a licensed Veternarian,  the most important checkup being the one right before they go to their new homes. We also provide a microchip, age appropriate vaccinations,  a blanket with Mom's scent, and much more.

White Poodle Puppy

Waiting List:

1. Delp Family

2. Rodgers Family

3. Traybor Family

4. Mazzota Family

5. Crews Family

6. Saner Family


Being good reputable breeders, we have no doubt that our puppies will find homes. We understand that sometimes while waiting on a puppy, things happen - life changes, jobs, accidents, children, living situations, illness etc.,. We don't want anyone taking home a puppy they don't want or are unable to care for, and we don't feel it should be a punishment to change your mind.

In the event that you cannot take home your puppy or at some point along the way you change your mind, your deposit will be fully refunded (minus processing fees) when, and only when, the puppy you have selected is sold to another buyer or your spot is filled on the waiting list.

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