How to care for your Poodle's hair

One good thing with poodles is that they have very soft and dense coats even if they do not have undercoats. When the poodles grow old, their hair becomes curly, making them even more attractive but very difficult to maintain. When they are shedding, they lose so much hair that entangles in their coats. This makes them have mats that make other pet parents believe that their poodle litters do not shed. In case you want to make sure that your poodles have the same look that our poodle puppies for sale have, you must be ready to work hard and take care of your poodle litters' hair. Some of the tips on taking care of the coat of your poodles include;

Brushing your poodle litters daily

One thing that most pet owners forget to do is brushing their poodle litters daily. This is because they need to have clean hair every day. Therefore, brushing your poodle litters every day ensures that you remove every loose hair, mats, and dirt on your poodle litters. You have to invest in a soft slicker brush that you will be using to brush your poodles' hair. As you brush your poodle litters, you must remember that your pet has sensitive parts like the ears, belly, and crotches, and hence you have to avoid tangling them. With the soft slicker brush will help you do the brushing very quickly.


Apart from daily brushing, you have to make sure that you bathe your poodle litters every day. At Forever Country Puppies, we ensure that we bathe all our poodle puppies for sale every day, without fail. We also encourage all the buyers who came to buy our poodle puppies for sale to ensure that they continue with what we have been doing with the poodle litters that they buy. Bathing the poodle litters is done after brushing and not before. When you are bathing your poodle litters, all the loose hair, dirt, and mats make the water you are using very dirty. Therefore, you will be bathing, or Poodle litters with dirty water. As you bathe your poodle litters, ensure that you use the right hair conditioners and shampoos.

Ensure that your poodle litters eat healthily

For healthy hair, your poodle litters require some particular nutrients that support the growth of healthy hair. Therefore if you do not give your pet a healthy or a balanced diet, its hair will not be healthy. This makes this tip one of the easiest but one of the most important ones.

Fluff drying

This is the same as brushing only that you do it after you bathe your poodle litters. Fluff drying ensures that your pet's hair is dry and the curls are smart. It leaves your Poodle litters hairs soft, fluffy, and without any mat.

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