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How to care for your Poodle's hair

One good thing with poodles is that they have very soft and dense coats even if they do not have undercoats. As Poodles grow older, their hair becomes curly, making them even more attractive but very difficult to maintain. When poodles lose hair much of the hair becomes entangled in their coats. This causes the Poodle's hair to mat.  In order to make sure that your poodles have a mat free coat it will take some work on your part to keep you Poodles hair tangle and mat free.  This can include:

Brushing your poodle daily...

One thing that most pet owners forget or sometimes get too busy to do is brush their poodles daily. This is because they need to have clean hair every day. Therefore, brushing your poodle every day ensures that you remove every loose hair, mats, and dirt from your poodle's hair. When we care of our Poodle Litters we use and recomend  a soft slicker brush.  This makes it a lot easier to care for our Poodle Litters.  As you brush your poodles hair, you must remember that your pet has sensitive parts like the ears, belly, and crotches, and hence you have to avoid tangling them or pulling the hair.  It is important when dealing with your poodle to keep the grooming time a good experience. When we care for our Poodle LItters we try and ensure they get stimulation along the face and feet and make sure our poodle litters are  bathed often to get them prepared for the wild world of being groomed professionally or by you at home. 


Apart from daily brushing, you have to make sure that you bath your poodle puppy regularly At Forever Country Puppies, we ensure that we bath all our poodle litters at least weekly without fail. We also encourage all of our new families who purchase from our Poodle litters to continue with what we have been doing with the poodlepuppies to keep the puppies from the Poodle litters ready for the grooming esperiences. When bathing a poodle puppy from one of our poodle litters you should bath the puppy after brushing and not before. When you are bathing your poodle puppy, all the loose hair, dirt, can cause the hair to mat if it is longer. Therefore, bathe your poodle puppy, ensure that you use the right hair conditioners and shampoos.

Ensure that your poodle Puppies eat healthy

For healthy coats, your poodle puppies require some particular nutrients that support the growth of healthy hair. Therefore if you do not give your pet a healthy or a balanced diet, its hair will not be healthy. This makes this tip one of the easiest but one of the most important ones. We fed puppies in our poodle litters life's Abundance to ensure a shiny healthy coat.  You can also give your poodle puppy supplements such as fish oil to help keep their coats from appearing dry and brittle

Fluff drying

After bathing the poodle puppies from our poodle litters we use the slicker brush or a comb to brush/combthe poodle puppies coat as we dry it.  This causes our puppies in our poodle litters to look extra fluffy and cuddly. Fluff drying ensures that your poodle puppies hair is dry and the curls are mat free It leaves your Poodle puppies hair soft, fluffy, and mat free.

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