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aaand this is one of our FAVORITE PARTS.   Here at Forever Country Puppies we not only have a love for dogs but for all animals.  What could possibly be more exciting than new puppies?   These puppies bring new life to the world, and are packed with lots of love and cuddles for YOU our new and current families. Because of these gorgeous puppies we form a connection that allows us to be a part of bringing joy into your homes and lives!!  

We pride ourselves on not only having phenomenal animals, but a breeding program that produces consistently healthy puppies with tremendous temperaments.

Our PARENT DOGS come from some of the highest quality lines available. They are family members and love to be social with us. They are very well socialized with people and other animals.  

These puppies are well-suited for all family types. Several of our puppies have been support dogs for children and adults with learning disabilities, autism, PTSD, social anxiety and more.   

Learn more about the breed standards and generations at our ABOUT THE BREEDS page.

How do we get one of these up-coming puppies?

It's EASY! You join our mailing list to the right and check the field of the breed that you are most interested in.  When we have a confirmed pregnancy we will send out a litter announcement.  We will then notify you when that litter is born with a sneak peak email and once again at 4 weeks when the puppy is posted on our website to be sold. 

We no longer take deposits ahead of time on litters.  Our puppies sale very quickly and we feel that this works better for us.  

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Upcoming Litters

Molly & Merle

Expecting F1 Toy Aussiedoodles

August 2020

Sassy & Kayde

Expecting F1b Standard Goldendoodles

August 2020


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