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Health Guarantee


We stand behind our puppies with a two year genetic health guarantee that is expandable to 3 years.

All puppies sold by Forever Country Puppies are in the best possible health to the best of our ability and knowledge.

While our puppies are in our care, we feed them well with Life's Abundance starting at 4 weeks of age and give them the NuVet Supplements starting at 6 weeks of age to build their immunities and prepare them for the Great Big World.  We also give them the best care possible so that they may grow into strong, healthy, confident, well adjusted pets for years to come.

Each puppy is checked by a licensed veterinarian, who at that time determines that the puppies are ready to go live with their new families.

Shot and De-worming records are provided to our buyers at the time of pick-up/or delivery of your puppy.

 2 to 3 Year Health Guarantee 

We GUARANTEE our puppies until the age of 2 should you decide that you and your vet have a better or different plan than we have laid out for your puppies nutrition/wellness care plan.  If your puppy is determined to have a congenital defect within the first 2 years of life, we will  replace your puppy with a puppy from a similar litter at the earliest availibility.  No Refunds will be provided

We also offer a GUARANTEE until three years of age against any congenital defects impacting the quality of life. This is defined as a GENETIC abnormality/disorder that will eventually cause early death with a life expectancy of less than 5 years where the disease would progress making euthanasia necessary or require extensive medical care that would ultimately be beyond the cost of the Puppy, if you keep the puppy on the NuVet Supplements and Lifes Abundance food.  With this guarantee both companies provide us with the records so you don't have to. For this three year guarantee, if your puppy is determined to have a congenital defect within the first 3 years of life, we will  replace your puppy with a puppy from a similar litter at the earliest availibility.  No Refunds will be provided.

 Why is there a difference?? 

The reason we offer an Extended Health Guarantee (3 years) for keeping your new puppy on our health and wellness regimen is:  We come from a long line of responsible breeders, 3 generations now, and have been through many products and trials and errors over the years. For the last 10+ years we have used the NuVet Supplements   and about 6 years now with Life's Abundance and we have had nothing but the best outcome. These products have had no recalls and are 100% invested in the health of your pet It is in our experience that the puppies/adults we have on these products experience less health issues and longer high quality lives.  This is why we feel confident in extending your Health Guarantee when you maintain this product for your new family member. For more information on this product below.

 What's not covered?? 

We cannot guarantee our puppies against illness or opportunistic parasites brought on by stress such as moving (from our house to yours) or shipping. We also can't guarantee that our puppies will be "worm-free", as this is an ongoing process. However, these are easily and economically treated and should be discussed with your veterinarian at your first visit.

We have our puppies checked by a licensed vet that includes a fecal exam to try and make sure none of these issues occur. This give us peace of mind and provides you with the utmost confidence in the fact that we do everything possible to make sure your puppy is as healthy as possible upon coming home to their new families. 

We are not responsible if a puppy contracts a communicable disease or infection after leaving our possession. This is out of our control and becomes your responsibility as the new owner to make sure the puppy is kept safe and away from areas where they could potentially become ill until they complete their vaccination schedule.

 Also, this Health Guarantee does not include improper bites, hernias, cherry eye, inability to reproduce, or any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury. 

 Caring for your new puppy 

Our puppies are generally very easy to care for. Here are a few pointers that we think are important reminders of how to care for your new puppy, and are prerequisite for the health guarantee to be valid.

  • Your puppy needs to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days after going home. Find a vet that you feel comfortable with, and keep regular appointments so your vet gets to know your puppy.

  • Keep your puppy up to date on shots, worming and other preventative protocol.

  • Feed your puppy a good, well-rounded diet. Do not underfeed or overfeed your puppy. In general, follow the recommended feeding guidelines found on the bag. We feed all of our dogs and puppies and highly recommend Life's Abundance  Should you decide on a different brand We highly recommend at least a 3.5-star food which should be appropriate for the age of your puppy/dog.  You can find information on these brands at

  • Avoid exposing your puppy to physically stressful situations, such as frequent stair climbing or standing on concrete for long periods of time during his formative years.

  • Provide adequate shelter and make sure there is always fresh clean water available.

  • Make sure your puppy has plenty of exercise on a regular basis, and whenever possible. Don't overdo it in the first few months. Puppies need lots of rest too. 

If you have any questions regarding Forever Country Puppies' Health Guarantee, please feel free to Contact Us.

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