Transport & Delivery 

 Did you say F R E E 

We offer delivery for FREE within a 2-hour radius of Greensboro. Anything farther than 2 hours away is subject to an additional fee.

 Ground Transport 

We offer ground transport through a transport  service that offers very reasonable prices.  We have used our ground transporters for several years now. They are very trustworthy and very cautious with our puppies. They are very educated in disease prevention and keeping your puppy in the safest most comfortable environment possible while he/she is on their way to you.  If you would like to book your puppy with our ground transport please contact us for more information and transport availability. If you provide us with your city and state we can get you a quote for a full delivery to your door and a quote for a halfway meeting point. 

 Flight Nanny 

In addition to the other services we recommend flight nannies for those who don't want to fly to pick up your puppy. A flight nanny flies with your puppy under their seat and delivers your puppy to your closest airport. To arrange shipping/delivery of your puppy via flight nanny,  please contact us to get rates and information.


 Shipping with United Pet Safe 

On occasion we have used air transport and ship via United Pet Safe.  We don't recommend this option unless there is no other option however, we have a had a very good experience with United Pet Safe provided by United Air Lines.  If you would like to read more about their services CLICK HERE:  UNITED PET SAFE 

Should you decide you want to use this service please contact us for assistance in getting this set up for you and your new puppy. 

 Puppy Boarding 

(Please Note)

If you cannot take your puppy on the scheduled date, or a date decided on between us,  we will board your puppy for up to 2 weeks at a cost of

$20 per day.

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