What comes next??...

Now that you have placed your deposit on your puppy of choice here is what happens. 

Deposit Placed

Now that you have placed your deposit we will contact you to set up a delivery/meet time and date for your new puppy.  


We will send you a copy of the deposit contract to sign and return.  You will receive a detailed email about your puppy and important information like things your puppy may need, how the transport will happen and when, when your new puppy will be seen by the vet etc...

Prepare for puppy


Now is the time to get prepared for your New Puppy to arrive.  Use this time to order their NuVet  Supplements and  their Life's Abundance puppy food.​  You may also want to get toys, bowls, a crate, some cute outfits etc... that you can find in our PUPPY SHOP.  


You can rest assured you are getting a healthy well-rounded puppy. We start when they are born with early stimulation. All of our babies come from health-tested parents and lines. We also include the following:

  • Health care for your puppy by our licensed vet before your puppy goes home

  • Pre-paid Microchipping and lifetime enrollment.

  • A puppy pack containing a variety of items that include but are not limited to:

    • toys and chew treats,

    • blanket with littermates' and mom's scent,

    • 3-day supply of food

    • registration papers (if applicable)

    • signed copy of your puppy agreement and deposit form

    • birth certificate

    • health certificate and vaccination record

    • potty-training pamphlet

    • information sheet for training, supplements, etc.,

  • A Lifetime of guidance and advice for you and your new puppy.

Your puppies are supplied with:


Here's Why

We are a strong advocate of the microchip, and each of our puppies goes home with a microchip unless specifically requested by you. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and could save your puppy's life. The microchip is inserted with a hypodermic needle between a puppy's shoulder blades in a process that is described by our veterinarian as no more painful than a flu shot. It works something like a bar code, and is an invaluable tool in reuniting lost pets with their families. There is no fee for the chip. Your only responsibility is to register the chip in the Nanochip or PetLink database. We recommend having your pets scanned regularly to be sure the chips are readable, and would emphasize that you remember to register the chip and make sure the registry information is kept up-to-date when you move or transfer ownership of your puppy.

aaand don't forget that


We are PROUD of our solid reputation for healthy, happy puppies. All of our parent dogs are or will be genetically certified. We are so confident in the lineage of our puppies that we offer a 2-3 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE. If your puppy is found to have life-threatening, crippling, and/or disabling congenital (genetic) health defects, we'll replace your puppy free of charge.



Our puppies are sold as pets only. We have a strict spay / neuter contract. We will on occasion sell to breeders. Please contact us if interested. 

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