why NuVet??

Why Your Pet’s Immune Health Matters

At Forever Country Puppies, our puppies are started on NuVet Plus daily at 6 weeks of age. We highly recommend NuVet Plus for your new puppy. Every one of our dogs get NuVet Plus everyday.  We swear by them and think they are the reason we only have to see our Vet for routine care.

Puppies NEED a strong immune system especially when going to a new home

Supporting our pet's immune health from an early age is key for a Long, Healthy life.  Our pets explores their world with all their senses & you can’t control where they sniff and lick, but you can help support his immune system to cope with whatever he comes in contact with.  Puppies need immune support as they transition to a new home and vaccines.  As your pet ages, their immune function declines and may require more support.  Everyday stress, pollutants and toxins, excessive vaccines, low quality ingredients in some pet foods, all produce free radicals in your pet’s body which creates cellular damage and aging- This is one reason Pets age much faster than we do.

Building strong immunity & reducing cellular damage ‘stack the odds’ in our favor so pups live LONGER and HEALTHIER lives…


  • NuVet Plus helps OPTIMIZE health and is a Nourishing ‘treat’ they love! Even the highest quality dog foods are cooked, and as a result, the heat destroys vital nutrients. While they do provide macro- nutrients,NuVet Plus is cold processed and provides rich micro-nutrients thatoptimize cellular health & immune function which are VITAL for longevity. 


  • NuVet Plus is a full spectrum immune system builder; not a vitamin. It's filled with synergistic blend of anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals designed to promote healthy cells and to help the pet's immune system at its peak.  Healthy cells = healthy pets! 


  • NuVet Plus is natural; no artificial flavors, artificial fillers, SWEETENERS, or grains. This gives it superior absorption and utilization in the body, allowing the ingredients to be more effectively absorbed through the cellular walls.


  •  NuVet Plus is sourced & manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered, human pharmaceutical laboratory; almost unheard of in the pet food & pet supplement industry. Only the highest quality, potency and purity. Proof is 22 years RECALL FREE rare of in the pet industry.


  • NuVet Plus ingredients are natural and human grade. So called "animal or feed grade" allows for a manufacturer to include by-products, chemicals, fillers and meats from dying or diseased animals; something NuVet Labs would never allow or condone.


  •  NuVet Plus is very beneficial for outwardly healthy dogs. By keeping the immune system functioning at peak performance the pet is better equipped to stay healthy. For puppies and kittens, it helps to boost their still maturing immune system - critically important! Note: A pet that appears healthy may not be. Taking NuVet plus daily can KEEP them healthy.


NuVet Plus



You cannot purchase NuVet Plus in a pet store. They must be ordered online or by calling. You will need to order these before your puppy comes home. It takes about a week to get them.

Order your Nuvet Plus  by Phone:

Call 1-800-474-7044 

Please use order code #71986 when ordering by phone.


** It is Very important to use code #71986 so NuVet can notify us when you place your order so we are able to keep your Health Guarantee valid for 3 years. 

** Save $$ with Autoship


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