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 Puppy Visitation Information 

With Covid-19 and a 70% increase in the parvo cases since the start of the pandemic we have changed things regarding visitation of our home and puppies.  So far this seems to be working very well for our families and gives us peace of mind because we are keeping our family and our puppies and adult dogs safe.   

Can I come visit your puppies?

While we would love to accommodate all the requests we have for families  to come and visit the puppies before committing to placing a deposit, we are not a facility so there is no way to safely welcome the number of people requesting to visit our home.    However, we do want our potential families to feel comfortable with both us as breeders and our puppies and parent dogs. To accommodate requests before purchasing a puppy, we offer zoom chats with our puppies and parent dogs at your request. During this zoom meeting you can ask questions see your puppy of choice,  or puppies you are thinking about placing a deposit on, if you are having a hard time making a decision. We find this to be working extremely well because it keeps the amount of traffic and potential for disease to be brought in on our puppies at a minimum and it takes a lot of stress  off of our mother dogs.


If you have any questions regarding our methods please CONTACT US

We also have many references.  🐾 or check our Testimonials page 🐩

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