Deposits & Discounts






There is a $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold a puppy. There is a 4% Processing fee placed on all deposits paid via debit or credit card.  Total cost for Deposit is: $312 with $300 going toward your puppy. 

Deposits are included in the prices above.

Deposits are placed on individual currently available puppies and on occasion we will take a deposit on a future litter.  


If we do take a deposit for you on a future litter you will select your puppy at 4 weeks old and all other puppies will be placed on the website for adoption/sale.

Deposits are transferable. If for some reason, you cannot take a puppy when the litter is available, or would like to select a puppy from a different litter, you may transfer the deposit to an alternate litter.


When moving from one litter to another, you will be placed at the end of the list for the litter you move to.


We offer discounts for:

Military personnel



EMTs & First Responders 




Discounts are:

$100 off of the purchase price of any puppy.

Repeat Buyers

will Receive $150 discount


ALL Referrals will Receive $100 discount.

After your referral completes a puppy purchase you as the refer-ee will receive a $50 gift card or a $50 credit toward the purchase of a future puppy. The credit may be combined with 1 additional discount. 

**Credit is not transferrable.

**There is only 1 discount allowed per purchase.



Non Refundable



Please note: Our deposits are Non-Refundable but are transferable.

After placing your deposit we will email you an e-sign deposit agreement form.  Please fill this out and return it asap.

 More Deposit Info 


Deposit invoices can be paid via the website upon selecting your puppy.

If you select to choose a puppy via phone, email, or text we will email you a deposit invoice. 


Deposit Invoices need to be paid within 24 hours of receiving them to hold your puppy.


Other forms of Payment for Deposits 


Credit/Debit Cards




Walmart to Walmart

Western Union

Money Order

**(must be sent 10 days prior to puppy pickup/delivery)

We do not accept CHECKS and only accept Paypal upon our discretion as a last resort. 

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