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All puppies are priced individually on the puppy pages. Our puppies are priced according to size, color, generation and breed.This is a general guideline for what you can expect.




Standards $1,000 - $1,500     Moyen/Mini  $1,000 -- $2,000



Standards $1,000 - $1,500     Moyen/Mini  $1,000 -- $2,000



Standards $1,500 - $3,000     Moyen/Mini  $1,500-- $3,000

Merle, Tris:

Standards $1,750 - $3,500     Moyen/Mini  $1,750 -- $3,500

Full AKC Registration: Add $1,000





Standard $1,000 - $2,500

   Mini/Toy $1,000-$3,000


Standard  $1,500 - $2,500

Mini/Toy   $1,500- $2,500


Any Size  $1,250 - $2,500


There is a $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold a puppy. There is a 4% Processing fee placed on all deposits paid via debit or credit card.  Total cost for Deposit is $312 with $300 going toward your puppy. 

Deposits are included in the prices above.

Deposits are placed on individual currently available puppies and on occasion we will take a deposit on a future litter.  


If we do take a deposit for you on a future litter you will select your puppy at 4 weeks old and all other puppies will be placed on the website for adoption/sale.

Deposits are transferable. If for some reason, you cannot take a puppy when the litter is available, or would like to select a puppy from a different litter, you may transfer the deposit to an alternate litter.


When moving from one litter to another, you will be placed at the end of the list for the litter you move to.


We offer discounts for Military personnel, Policemen, Firefighters, EMTs, Teachers, and Nurses.

Discounts are $100 off of the purchase price of any puppy.

Repeat Buyers and Referrals will also receive a discount on additional puppies.

**There is only one discount allowed per purchase.


We accept most forms of payment, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club,Walmart to Walmart, Money Orders and Cash payments. There is a 4% processing fee added to all deposits and any final payment invoices.

**We DO NOT accept personal checks and We DO NOT accept PayPal. (we feel that these forms of payment do not protect you as the buyer or us as the seller).

All remaining balance payments will be invoiced to you. The checkout process is easy and you will receive a paid receipt into your email inbox as soon as payment is made. If you have any issues or questions please contact us.


Deposit invoices can be paid via the website upon selecting your puppy or litter of a future puppy you would like to receive.

If you select to choose a puppy via phone, email, or text we will email you a deposit invoice.  Deposit Invoices need to be paid within 24 hours of receiving them to hold your puppy or your spot on the list.

Balance invoices and Puppy Contracts are sent 48 hours prior to puppy pick-up unless you are selecting a puppy that is already ready to go home then balance invoices will be sent immediately after deposits are made.  All balance payments must be paid in full on or before the day of pickup/delivery and signed contracts must be returned on day of pick-up or delivery.  If you have ground transport your delivery person will go over the paperwork with you and return it to us.  If you choose to have your puppy delivered via flight nanny or United Pet Safe all payments and paperwork will need to  be completed and faxed or emailed to us before your puppy leaves.  


There is a 4% fee added to your remaining balance if you choose to pay the remaining balance using a credit or debit card.  You are more than welcome to pay cash upon pickup/ delivery of your puppy via ground transport, or Walmart to Walmart for puppies traveling with a flight nanny or United Pet Safe. You may also mail a money order 1 week prior to your puppy leaving. 


All deposits are NON-Refundable but are transferable


  • Our buying process begins when you submit your Contact US form or place a Deposit on your puppy of choice via the Place Deposit NOW! buttons on the website. .

  • After we receive your deposit or any questions you may have , we will contact you asap. We feel that a phone interview gives us all the information we need to make an assessment and get to know our buyers first-hand. It doesn't happen very often, but on occasion we have refused to sell one of our puppies to a prospective buyer.

  • We take deposits on individual puppies and occasionally on upcoming litters and.

  • We reserve the right to claim the pick of a litter as a Breeder's pick at any time.

  • Deposits are Non-Refundable but they are transferable. If for some reason you are unable to take a puppy, or the puppies that are left when it is your turn to select are not to the color or gender of your liking, you may opt to roll your deposit to a future litter. 

  • You will be notified by email after the puppies for the litter you've selected are born. The email will contain a litter photo and general information about the puppies, as well as puppy selection and pick-up dates and times.

  • When the puppies are born and 2 weeks old, we will post sneak peak pictures so you can get a feel for what is available in the litter.

  • We will periodically post videos of the litters so you can see your puppy grow.  

  • At 4 weeks, individual photos and videos of the puppies will be posted on our website.

  • Selections are made in deposit order after the 4-week photos are posted. You will have a scheduled time to select your puppy via phone call or FaceTime/Zoom. 

  • All puppies have their first set of vaccinations and are de-wormed several times before they are 8 weeks old. They each receive a health and fecal check by a vet before they go to their new homes.

  • Puppies go home at 8 weeks. For some of our smaller breeds, we may hold a puppy until 12 weeks of age to be certain that the puppy is ready for its new home.

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