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The Purebred and the Doodle

I've had dogs my whole life. For the most part we grew up where AKC was it. If a dog didn't have its AKC papers it was considered "a mutt" My dad used to take us to the AKC shows in Detroit. He was a lover of the Old English Bulldog. A wrinkly face and stubby legs were not what caught my eye but to each their own. I fell in love with the majestic, beautifully groomed, sophisticated Poodle. Oh, be still my beating heart. When I got my first poodle stud, I couldn't imagine that I was the owner of a Poodle. As time goes on and things change the doodle takes the win. What is a doodle? To some it is still the ever offending "mutt." It took me a while to even get my mind wrapped around that fact that you could mix the ever-amazing Poodle with several different breeds. At first, I had the attitude of this is not how it is supposed to be but, I like to think of myself as open minded. I met more and more people with two amazing breeds that produced the doodles that were so cute and full of charm. They could win over any husband, boyfriend, or fiancé that were insistent on not getting a puppy and any parent that was saying no. My world changed and I too began to offer my families the amazing Doodle. Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles! OH MY! What fun they were to breed and you got to have a beautiful Golden Retriever and an Australian Shepherd at the same time. What dog lover wouldn't be wrapped around that? There are still many doubting Thomas's out there is pure bred the way to go? Maybe a doodle is what's for you? It really boils down to each their own. Some people have pet spiders or snakes, monkeys or even bees. Some people love farms while others have never seen a chicken in real life. All in all, it really doesn't matter what your preference is. If you love an animal there are so many beautiful creatures, put here for us to enjoy. In my eyes you really can't go wrong and you have to do what makes you happy. My dad has been gone for 4 years now and I don't think that he would ever look at a doodle and think they were beautiful but he did babysit a few in his later years and he was never mean to them. Be kind, be ok with others decisions, love and be loved. Smile at a stranger, hug a puppy, just breathe. It just makes the ugly in life a little more bearable.

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